INVESTFORT enables your financial operation support your growth plans with efficient solutions...

INVESTFORT is a specialized research and consulting house in managing the efficiency of financial operation.

Economic and Financial Research

INVESTFORT offers a wide range of applied research services designed to help you understand trends, conditions, needs, and opportunities within your markets. We access the most recent reliable information at the appropriate geographical scale so you can be sure our conclusions are unbiased and represent actual needs. Our research include (economic impact research – feasibility and business plans – Surveying and Statistical Analysis – best use research)

Financial Management and Restructuring

Many organizations run their daily activities focusing on daily technical operation without enjoying the benefit of running an efficient corporate financial activities. As a result, they miss potential growth opportunity and the ability to manage financial risks efficiently. Depending on nature of your industry and business condition, our team at INVESTFORT can provide with the right analysis and assessment of your financial operation coupled with solutions for managing financial operation efficiently and improve the prospect of your business. Our areas of expertise covers financial planning, managing project and growth funding, debt and credit restructuring, treasury, and financial institution relationship.

Corporate Consulting and Development

Our services will enable your organization to understand pockets of weaknesses and areas of improvements with applicable implementation programs. Our consulting and development services will enable your board, management, function or project director to arrive at best fit plans, and open your eyes to new solutions to overcome challenges. Our lead consultants and analysts understand how to align operating units along with your financial activities and develop a tailored development program as per your day to day constraints.

Why Choose Us?

1. Proven methodology for change

All our engagements are built on thorough analysis phase which enables team members to gather information, analyze and synthesize data to come with an understanding of your business models, corporate internal and external factors, culture, and functional processes.

2. Applicable solutions tailored to your business needs

Our lead team members will work with you to understand your requirements and provide you with applicable recommendations. We alway try to make your requirements simple and link it to feasible deliverables. We also follow rigorous methods of clarifying expectations so our deliverables can match your needs

3. Experienced team armed with local market knwoledge

Our consulting practitioners are highly seasoned and experienced service providers with both industry and analysis skills

4. Discover corporate areas for growth and improvement

Growth opportunities are different from the core business. Core business, improvements must be managed simultaneously with efforts to pursue growth opportunities.

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