Fundamentals Useless? – Commentary for Wednesday May 27th 2020

Fundamentals Useless? – Commentary for Wednesday May 27th 2020

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For over 21 years my team and I have been helping advisors go from average to elite advisors. Many of them doubling their AUM in 1 year.

We do this through our quantitative software process give the ability to build unique strategies that reflect your philosophies and best ideas in a fully automated portfolio process.

By having a professional quantitative portfolio process you will be able to provide you the ability to deliver strategies that major only institutional firms can deliver.

This combined with our “white labeling” of our software, fact sheets, and other reports will enable you to look like a huge successful asset manager even if you are a one-man shop.

My life’s work is dedicated to showing advisors how to offer a unique process that instantly differentiates them from their peers.

The process would give them instant authority and credibility and turn the situation around from hunting for clients to be sought-after as an elite advisor.


May 27, 2020 / Markets