March 18th, 2019 The Kendall Report Live Stream

March 18th, 2019 The Kendall Report Live Stream

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S&P 500, dollar interest rates, Gold and Silver.

I always feel fortunate to have developed the VPM process. I see many folks on the Internet struggling to determine what’s going on in the markets with trendlines and basic retail indicators attempting to apply a discretionary trading strategy.

By having the VPM process, I have been able to watch 17,442 symbols simultaneously and derive a unique perspective with the quantitative techniques that I developed 36 years ago.

Talk about tested in the trenches. The models have seen just about everything you can imagine during this time. While the markets have gone through trendless and volatile times, the VPM models have never failed to locate the significant trends.

Having observed the VPM database unfold for 21 years, it has given me the ability to raise the predictability and longevity of trends. This is why on the intermediate and longer-term trends, I very seldom get fooled. It’s all about the process. You’ve heard of before “process over attitude and opinion.”

It’s going to be very interesting to see if there is further database traction occur on this weekend’s run. From just glancing around at many symbols, it looks like this could be an explosive situation unfolding. It is likely if the S&P 500 closes above the 2850 level today that there will be a substantial amount of new buys signals to be released.

With the VPM database turning bullish by rising above the 42% level seven weeks ago, the dynamics of this current trend is beginning to show the potential to expand well into the 64 to 72 percentile range. Should that occur, it will confirm the objectives for a 7 to 12% gain from current levels.

After sleeping on the outcome of the FOMC meeting and Chairman Powell comments, it became apparent to market participants that there was a consensus that equities were likely to move much higher over the next several quarters.

There seems to be plenty of naysayers out there telling you that the markets are overdone and it’s going to go down. This raises the bullish factor even more as the best rallies seem to be the ones that are on low volume or climb the wall of worry.

It’s never easy, and that’s why having a “process” is so important!