Recent Stock Purchase July 2022

Recent Stock Purchase July 2022

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How has your summer been going? For me, it is more of the same which simply means making a monthly stock purchase and staying invested no matter how ugly the world economy is looking. As I said in the past, I don’t have a crystal ball, nor do I pretend to even attempt to understand what is going on in the markets these days as massive sell-offs continue and crazy high prices are charted for oil and many other commodities, like corn for example. There is no shortage of excitement, that’s for sure. I just continue to have a long-term outlook, continue to invest, diversify my portfolio even more and just hold on. With that being said let’s take a look at my July stock buys.

Symbol Description Quantity Price Amount
VZ VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS 9.0707 $44.098 -$400.00
MO ALTRIA GROUP INC 4.6515 $42.996 -$200.00
VZ VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS 4.3977 $45.478 -$200.00
T AT&T INC 10.8121 $18.4977 -$200.00
SBUX STARBUCKS CORP 2.3797 $84.042 -$199.99
Total: -$1,199.99

As you can see, this month I deployed significantly more cash than last month totaling $1,200. I continue to buy the same beaten down names in 2022 like SBUX and VZ while enjoying the higher current yield because of these price drops. I’m not sure lower prices are already baked into the market as interest rates continue to rise. Of course, all this means for long-term dividend investors is that we are getting better buying opportunities for some high quality stocks.

What do you think about my stock buys for the month of July? What have you been buying?

Disclosure: Long VZ, MO, T, SBUX

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July 27, 2022 / Markets