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kutaytanir Great Britain does not rule the waves of global finance as it once did. Long gone are the days of the informal club of trading nations bound together by the gold standard and informally headquartered in the City of London. Nonetheless, ... Read More


peshkov Global refined oil product markets are on track to remain tight until mid-decade, with the global downstream industry facing significant near-, medium- and long-term challenges, according to a new report by S&P Global and the International Energy Forum (IEF). Global oil refining ... Read More


sndr/iStock Editorial via Getty Images Introduction Investors were eagerly waiting for Starbucks' Investor Day which delivered some interesting updates, proving, once again, that the now-resigning CEO and founder Howard Schultz knows how to trace the path for the future of the company. ... Read More


Zolak Initial jobless claims came in at 213K this week. That would have been unchanged versus the prior week, but last week’s print was revised down by 5K to 208K. That modest uptick versus the revised number marked the first increase in claims ... Read More



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September 21, 2022 / Markets
Torsten Asmus It was risk off one day before the Fed announces its rate-hike decision, with both stock and bond prices falling over concerns about the size of today’s interest-rate increase, as well as the central bank’s forward guidance. Interest rates at both ... Read More


NazariyKarkhut/iStock via Getty Images The CPI report in the United States was a horror show for Team Transitory. Although there were other areas with jumpy prices (e.g., food prices), I think that ... Read More


porcorex/iStock via Getty Images Many readers continue to ask about the Fed's 2% inflation target, especially after the recent CPI and the market's reaction to it. Here's the Fed's own explanation, courtesy of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. We recommend it for ... Read More


wildpixel/iStock via Getty ImagesFollowing the equity and bond markets’ brutal first half, the S&P 500 index snapped back this summer. With Biden’s releases from the strategic petroleum reserve (SPR), markets experienced declining oil and gasoline prices and steady consumer spending, resulting in flattish S&P ... Read More


Watcom/iStock via Getty Images Since the summer of 2020, my expectation for the US economy has been that once all the COVID distortions are gone, it would revert to its previous trend growth of around 2%. And that seems to be exactly what ... Read More


Goodvibes Photo/iStock via Getty Images With the S&P 500 pivoting lower in the past week, sentiment has reflected the move as the AAII sentiment survey showed bullish sentiment drop from 33.3% last week down to 27.7%. That marked the first time ... Read More