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mauinow1 Foreword While more than half this collection of Dow Industrials is too pricey and reveals only skinny dividends, four of the five lowest priced Dogs of the Dow are ready to buy. This month, Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ), Dow Inc. (... Read More


shironosov The BlackRock Resources & Commodities Strategy Trust (NYSE:NYSE:BCX) is a closed-end fund that invests across oil and gas producers, mining stocks, and agriculture-related companies. The idea here is to capture exposure to trends in ... Read More


RomanNerud/iStock via Getty Images Dear readers/followers, I've covered Schneider Electric (OTCPK:SBGSF) once before, and a few times on our private community, iREIT on Alpha. Schneider Electric (OTCPK:SBGSY) is older than most current European nations in their... Read More


4kodiak/iStock Unreleased via Getty Images It is June all over again for stocks. And things may get worse than June, as the major indices reached their YTD lows last week backed by many layers of fear. Now, almost every day feels like going to the slaughterhouse. ... Read More


John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment The story of AT&T (NYSE:T) has been one of the most tragic stories of shareholder value destruction that we have had a chance to witness during the course of the past couple of decades. The company's attempt to ... Read More


Eric Francis Foreword Dan Burrows and Kyle Woodley say in Kiplinger Investing: The Berkshire Hathaway portfolio is a diverse set of blue chips and, increasingly, lesser-known growth bets. Here's a look at every stock picked by Warren Buffett and his lieutenants. Any collection of ... Read More


da-kuk Introduction Getting to the main pages of the Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund (NYSE:CLM) and the Cornerstone Total Return Fund (NYSE:CRF), a potential investor may have some of these questions: What is the fundamental ... Read More


littleny/iStock via Getty Images Earnings of Financial Institutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:FISI) will most probably plunge this year on the back of higher provisioning. On the other hand, moderate loan growth will likely support the bottom line. Meanwhile, the margin will likely face pressure ... Read More



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September 21, 2022 / Markets
Torsten Asmus It was risk off one day before the Fed announces its rate-hike decision, with both stock and bond prices falling over concerns about the size of today’s interest-rate increase, as well as the central bank’s forward guidance. Interest rates at both ... Read More


VioletaStoimenova Thesis We cautioned investors in our post-earnings article that investors needed to be wary about adding Teladoc Health, Inc. (NYSE:TDOC) stock then as it was likely to underperform. Accordingly, TDOC has fallen nearly 20% ... Read More